Sitting here 4 drinks in resenting my “woman” responsibilities to wash and fold laundry after I worked an 8  hour day to pay our bills not my life’s intention. This pile of dry laundry looks at me while I contemplate updating my website., I’d rather create a spreadsheets of the missed and incomplete child support payments the judge granted me. no matter my son is dyslexic and needs all the help he can get because I am not an educator. i do my best and all that I can M-F and every other weekend while his paternal grandma picks him up from after school care, every other weekend.

My life is hard. its me all the time. I have creative work looking at me through email and IG all day but as a mother my obligation is on him first. Easier to say just get it done. i guesss. Well I still get a Mothers Day Card (validation). Being a single parent  is challenging.