Coffins by Meela Paloma



“Pisces Aquarium”, 2016 by Meela Paloma

I met my future husband this summer and we are both Pisces. My birthday on Feb 28 & his on March 1st. Teal is our favorite color. He gave me these three pieces of material as a gift so I could “make something”. I used them to represent an ocean. I made the fish from Sculply clay. I deconstructed a music box to make the fish swirl around on the stick as if they are swimming. Two fish swimming is the icon for Pisces. When you turn the knob the fish dance around to the chiming of a music box. The silver sticks represent coral in the ocean. The background is textured like a coffin but also like waves in water.

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“All Gold Everything”, 2014 by Meela Paloma
“Annual Beautiful Souls Coffin Show” Pilsen, Chicago. 2014

Sacred Science became an influential theme for me personally this year. Gold has been my color of the moment. The textured pattern vinyl wallpaper, geometric textured pattern paper, vintage sconce and faceted mirror create a unique beauty, that soothes me. The combination of these found objects, create a beautiful idea from a symbol of death. Perspective is relative. If gold attracts, this is my power. This coffin has become a source of energy. The mirror reflects self because we are the source of all our energy, of all our happiness, all of our abundance. We attract what we internalize. Our words have power, our thoughts have power.

“The things that made you weird as a kid make you great today. with Love, Victore” I was fortunate enough to attend the Adobe Creative Expo in Los Angeles, October 2014. One of the guest speakers was New York Artist, James Victore. He passed out these stickers to the audience. His presentation provided powerful motivation for me to create work that was important to me and help me to realize the value of my creative message. My work is a gift and I should share my story. Looking forward to 2015.